Engaged, Active Online And Blended Learning

lightbulbTeaching is a great adventure, a calling, and a pleasure, whether I’m working in a conventional classroom or a business setting. It’s about creating relationships for connection, expansion and grounded transformation. We gather in many contexts to learn together, from the halls of business in China to brick-and-mortar high schools and universities, and beyond in the virtual world of webinars and online graduate courses.


• designing and teaching active, interesting trainings and classes for adults
• integrating fundamental skills and transformational learning
• working with my students to make new knowledge meaningful in their lives
• supporting learners who need to develop the skills they need to succeed
• mentoring learners with disabilities or other challenges that interfere with their success
• creating opportunities for collaborative learning and individually designed projects
• building community in the classroom, whether face-to-face or virtual
• enlivening trainings with the focus and engagement I bring to my classroom teaching


• Leadership
• Culture and Social Change
• The Arts, Artists, And Archetypes
• Disciplines of Writing, both creative and scholarly
• Ethnography and the study of community and organizational development
• Business Communication And Negotiation


University of New England, Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership (Maine/online)
Pacifica Graduate Institute, MA in Engaged Humanities (California/blended)
Moyoane Community, Public Programs (Maryland/face2face)
Accokeek Public Library, Writing Group Facilitator (Maryland/face2face)
Union Institute and University, Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program (Ohio/blended)
UNVA, MBA China Program (Mainland China/face2face)