A playful, practical user's manual to help you do what you came here to do, with focused passion and power
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This playful, practical, self-paced workbook will help you answer the call to your highest work in the world. You will:
-gain confidence and clarity
-identify an inner and outer team to make your passionate project easier to accomplish
-find motivation and personal energy to move from feeling stuck and frustrated to feeling energized and present

Great for writers looking for a tool to increase confidence and find their authentic voice.

Powerful for leaders who know that they want to build personal and professional flexibility, vision and influence by working from within.

Answering the call to adventure will launch you on your authentic hero’s journey step by step. The playbook (a workbook that will help you move forward through PLAY) will take about a month to complete, depending on your time and commitment. You’ll see immediate results in your ability to step up and do what you want, be who you are in the world.


I write about the stories that fuel excellence, in business, national and international politics, and communities. Interdisciplinary questions open up a world of new angles for creating sustainable leadership strategies, better networks for innovation, and more holistic leadership development programs.

My recent publications in leadership theory and practice include:

“Co-Creative Leadership for Opportunity Youth: New Theories and Practices to Support Self-Determination.” Article in progress, with George Tilson, Ph.D.

“Revolution from Within: The New Young Adult Leadership Blockbuster as Embodied Transformation for Girls and Women.” Women and Leadership: Threading the Needle for Applied Theory. Jossey-Bass. In press. Winter, 2016.

“Malala Yousafzai: The Power and Paradox of International Celebrity.” Global Women’s Leadership, Berrett-Koehler (IAP). March, 2015.

Guideposts for Success in 2014: Recent Literature on Positive Youth Development, Strengths-Based Approaches, and the Power of Connection.” with George Tilson, Ph.D. Prepared for the Institute for Educational Leadership, Washington, D.C., March, 2014.

“Review: Global Business Leadership, 2nd Ed. (Wibbeke and McArthur, Routledge, 2014). Integral Leadership Review, February, 2014.

“Leadership is a Lived Story: Embodiment, Empowerment and Healing.” Integral Leadership Review, October 2012.

“Shapeshifter Leadership.” Transformational Thinking for 21st Century Leadership. Jossey-Bass. May, 2012.

“Green Business Leadership.” Business Leadership Review. January 2012.

Check out my leadership blog, Lead Me On, a wide ranging map of leadership issues, written for people with street smarts, creative drive and curious minds. Topics include: leadership lessons from the arts, including the Hunger Games and activists like the Russian punk rockers Pussy Riot, teen leaders like Gabby Douglas and Malala Yousafzai, the leadership confusions and solutions of the US government today, and applied lessons from business leaders. In all these arenas, I’m exploring the ways the core stories we believe, tell and perform about leadership shape our successes and failures as individuals, organizations, communities and nations.


I’ve been a journalist and critic for 25 years, with articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Reader, the Philadelphia Weekly, and most recently, book reviews in Indigenous Issues and Culture.  My poetry has been published in the Seneca Review and other journals, and my plays have been workshopped and produced in the DC area, with support from the Playwright’s Gym, the Kennedy Center, and the Maryland Council for the Arts.

My play, “Shelter,” was a finalist in the prestigious Eugene O’Neill Playwriting Workshop, 2014, and has been produced in stage readings in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.


My poetry chapbook, Jezebel Awakens, is complete, and now being submitted for publication by my Poetry Business Manager

I’m also doing the final edits for Conversations with the Earth, a creative non-fiction book, a call to shift our human relationship with the environment by claiming our shapeshifter leadership skills and living with integrity and flexibility, instead of insisting that the earth shapeshift to ensure our comfort.