Meet Carol Burbank, Ph.D.

_P7A8214_0122_ppA teacher, writer, coach and ethnographer, Carol specializes in
 mentoring creatives, seekers and developing leaders as they face the 
challenges of life’s educational and transformational experiences. Working 
with core stories and archetypes, she offers holistic strategies
 for sustainable, energizing change that honors who you are and what you want 
to become.


Carol, Ph.D. in Performance Studies/Communication from Northwestern
 University and M.A. in Writing from Boston University, has folded her career as a journalist, playwright, scholar and professor 
into her project-based mentoring, teaching and editing.  A scholar of leadership and 
interdisciplinary cultural studies, she studied with Carol Pearson and 
Problem-Based Learning and Narrative Therapy practitioners to create her 
distinct approach, based in exploring the core stories that fuel our behavior, identities, organizations and aspirations. Carol continues 
to deepen her connection to traditional Hawaiian healing and aloha cultural
 practices through the indigenous lineage passed through Ed Kaleolani
 Spencer (Ke Kumu). Over the years, she has integrated her interdisciplinary education with grounded mentoring experience and indigenous leadership practices, building a creative, empowering and practical approach to teaching, coaching and research.

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Her clients and students have broken through major challenges – completed advanced degrees,
 published writing and artistic projects, recovered their health, renewed
 relationships, changed jobs, built businesses, and clarified mission/vision/strategies for their organizations or professional careers.  Equally celebrated are 
the internal liberating shifts that make it possible for clients and students to love the story of their lives, celebrating their unique strengths and gifts.

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