Antique typewriter on sepia I mentor writers (and some artists!) to help them set goals, organize their time, overcome procrastination and creative blocks, find their unique voice, develop and submit their work to magazines, agents and publishers, and discover the confidence that comes with the combination of discipline and creativity. Beginners and experienced writers get the support they need to take their writing to the next level.

A growing number of my clients are adult students with extensive life experience, perceptive insights, and gaps in their research and writing skills. Returning to college or graduate school sometimes requires a refresher course in writing to match the professional code of their new field. As a faculty member, I’ve seen the frustration of many returning students who just need additional tutorials in practical writing, revision and research strategies to gain the confidence to really show what they know. Good coaching can make the difference between success and failure. Because I’m so passionate about supporting adults returning to school, I offer a special discount for these clients.


Every writing project can benefit from an informed, skilled and compassionate editor to map out what’s working and what needs more work! My editing services range from manuscript evaluation (is it ready to go out to a publisher yet?) to copy editing and substantive line-by-line editing. I’ve edited a variety of genres: children’s books, plays, workbooks, novels, short stories, memoirs and self-help books. I’ve also enjoyed “smoothing” English language manuscripts written by writers whose first language is not English. Many of my clients opt for editing and mentoring in some combination, so they can dive back into their manuscript with clarity and enthusiasm. Writing is a process; get the support you deserve to produce your best work.


My clients often are so busy with their writing that finding a list of likely publications, agents and publishers feels overwhelming. I help make the process of submitting their work easier by doing some of that research for them, giving them time to do the work they love. Other research clients include writers revising a work that needs additional or updated resources added, and identifying markets for their work.


As a guest blogger or “ghost” blogger, I offer well-written, SEO-friendly, professional, affordable and regular blog posts to keep my clients’ public internet identity lively and help them attract subscribers and customers.  I’ve also helped artists with their exhibition biographies, and business people with press releases, website materials and project summaries. I’m also happy to negotiate lengthier writing commissions.


Personal Development, Journalism, Essays on Leadership, Blogs, Poetry, Plays, Creative Non-Fiction, Book Reviews

A playful, practical user's manual to help you do what you came here to do, with focused passion and power

A playful, practical user’s manual to help you do what you came here to do, with focused passion and power

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“Leadership is a Lived Story: Embodiment, Empowerment and Healing”  Integral Leadership Review, October 2012.


I’d also like to invite you to check out my leadership blog, Lead Me On. I write about a wide ranging map of leadership issues,  for readers with street smarts, an interest in holistic thinking, creative drive and curious minds.

Topics include: leadership lessons from the arts, including the Hunger Games and the confrontational Russian punk rockers Pussy Riot, teen leaders like Gabby Douglas and Malala Yousafzai, the leadership confusions and solutions of the US government today, and applied lessons from business leaders. In all these arenas, I’m exploring the ways the core stories we believe, tell and perform about leadership shape our successes and failures as individuals, organizations, communities and nations.