Storyweaving Coaching Makes Room for the Extraordinary

Love TreeStoryweaving Coaching is all about creative mentoring. I help my clients find and honor their own strengths as they change the habits and relationships that get in the way of their goals. At heart, it’s about transforming the story we’re living, shifting our core beliefs, ideas and expectations so we have more freedom, satisfaction and success. These practical strategies mean creative collaboration, empowering support so my clients can get where they want to go. Each client designs the program s/he needs to move forward.

My clients include:

• adult learners who want to survive and thrive in their online MA and Ph.D. programs
• professionals who want to improve their impact as leaders in their work and communities
• writers who want to improve their craft, publish more and meet deadlines without drama
• seekers who want more joy in their life, integrating passionate curiosity with healthy relationships and success
• survivors who want to move past trauma, sickness and disappointment to live with joy

Storyweaving Coaching can also integrate coaching and healing work through Hawaiian energetics, a traditional indigenous healing philosophy that builds energy, stamina and health. I am also a certified practitioner of ho’oponopono, a traditional Hawaiian coaching practice that helps set things right, lays old grievances to rest and helps individuals and communities move on from trauma. Learn more about coaching and healing work, and my intimate, transformative Storyweaving Intensive Workshops, from my website, www.storyweaving.com.

I also teach coaching in Sofia University’s MA in Transpersonal Psychology.

Contact me now to schedule your free 30-minute coaching breakthrough session, to see how Storyweaving can help you move forward in your life!


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