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The deepest learning takes us on a journey of discovery, challenge and transformation. In my classes and trainings, I open a space for growth, ask questions and guide students in their own, unique process. I build curriculum based on practical skills to enable effective, creative applications in the real world. My students are armed with active learning, independent thinking and grounded problem-solving as they set and achieve ambitious goals.


I call my coaching work "Storyweaving" because we work with your core stories to find ways to meet your goals. We are all story weavers, and when we embrace this essential human process our life transforms. Storyweaving brings out your best; the strong, unique and resilient you who can make a difference in the world. Whether recovering from chronic illness, moving on from professional disappointments, or finding the heart to complete a project, you can gain the skills to love the story of your life.


Writing is an alchemical tool: creating questions that need asking, and speaking the unanswerable questions to open the door to new ideas. Good writing wakes up mind, body and spirit through the power of words. Whether I'm framing leadership theories, blogging or crafting poems and plays, writing is a source of discovery, vitality and joy. As an editor, writing coach and writer-for-hire, I can bring that same passion to your projects.

Carol Burbank's work supports the inevitable dance of change with collaborative learning, compassionate mentoring and practical creativity.